EBI - Expanding their fleet of liftboats

  • By: Elijah Echeveste
  • Published: May 1, 2012 at 2 PM.
  • Last updated: May 2, 2012.

The life of EBI's 12-tooth GB82 model is indefinite. With the proper servicing on the gearbox and the jacking tower such as lubricating your legs and pinions with leg grease, the GB82 will continue to perform for it's customers.”

The Walter Cure will have a maximum working water depth of 120 feet and a minimum water working depth of 6 feet. It can accommodate more than 30 people including captain and crew. It will have one rescue boat and 3 lifeboats suited for a total of at least 36 personnel. The Walter Cure will also have EBI's signature liftboat design where the pads are larger and its "wider footprint" will allow the liftboat to load on location and begin working immediately. EBI's wider pads and wider leg separation design allows for minimal preloading. This saves time and offers a solution for the liftboat to begin working sooner.

Domangue adds that EBI has chosen to add to their family of liftboats to take advantage of many opportunities that the Gulf of Mexico has for shallow operations. Sherwood (Woody) Domangue has been in the liftboat and offshore oil & gas industry for more than 20 years. He sees a bright future for EBI's fleet of liftboats and for the liftboat industry all of the world in growing markets, such as the Middle East and South America. “All of these new markets will be in demand for larger liftboats because of new oil & gas explorations and the discovery of new reserves in deeper liftboat water operations.“

EBI already has its hands in the global liftboat cookie jar. Levingston, a World Class liftboat designer and builder of large liftboats, have outfitted all of their 320E liftboats with GB82 gear boxes and have plans to use EBI's new large liftboat jacking system, the GB430, on Levingston's 415WC liftboat, a 415 foot class liftboat.

“Over the years I've seen things change dramatically in the liftboat industry. They have gotten more modernize, they are getting larger with more deck space. They are simply working bigger, better and faster.”

For more information about EBI's liftboats, marine cranes, and liftboat jacking systems, visit their website at www.ebi-inc.com.