Montco launches new large liftboat

  • By: Elijah Echeveste
  • Published: May 1, 2012 at 2 PM.
  • Last updated: May 2, 2012.

MONTCO, a Louisiana Gulf of Mexico liftboat operator, who has been in the offshore service industry since 1948, launches a 335' class liftboat in the 1st quarter of 2012. The "L/B Robert" is equipped with an array of impressing new features, such as a large deck space, 5 marine cranes, more accommodations, a built in ROV system, and a dynamic positioning system to assist setting up onto locations.

The Robert is currently being operated in the Gulf of Mexico performing decommissioning work. With new vessels of this type, MONTCO says that they have their goals set for international operations in the Middle East and other new emerging markets to service the offshore oil & gas industry and new offshore energy industries such as wind farm activity. MONTCO's Chief Technology Officer, Joseph Orgeron, added that, "With the Robert, we can assist with wind turbine installation and repair. Housing is another key aspect of the large design."

The Robert can accommodate a total of 148 personnel including it's 20 man crew. There are five marine cranes on this liftboat which consists of one 500 ton pedestal crane, one 60 ton telescopic crane, one 25 ton utility crane, one 10 ton utility crane, and one small 10 ton designated for lifting and handling of the ROV. It's deck space is enormous with a total of 15,400 ft² (1,431 m²). The Robert's max working water depth is approximately 280 ft (85 meters).

Some of the unique features that make this large liftboat an attraction is it's large helipad. The helipad is capable of landing an S-92 helicopter that may transport up to 19 offshore workers. Another unique addition to this liftboat is it's built in Remote Operating Vessel (ROV) system. With an ROV always on standby, it could be used in aiding site surveys to scout areas on the sea floor, seafloor camera and video support, for plug & abandonment operations, and other dive support services.